Another surprise single premiere from Ljungblut, just days before exclusive concerts

By Apr 23,2019

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(By our Norwegian correspondent Jan Ronald Stange/ Karisma Records press release)

Ljungblut are releasing the single “Et ørlite håp så stort”, a song written after the release of their latest album “Villa Carlotta 5959” in November 2018. It’s out on Karisma Records, Thursday April 25th, the day before the band will do two exclusive concerts, but you can listen to it here today!

Kim Ljung tells about the origins of this song:

As it was written after the album was finished, the sound clearly differs from the album. The synths are back, prominent in the mix, and it feels right.

Sindre (Pedersen, bass player of Ljungblut) sent me the song. Usually when I receive ideas from the other members of the band, I often take’em apart, rearranges them and so on. This time I barely did anything! Everything was already in place, and to me the lyrics and melody came naturally, like it often does with good songs in my world. Feels like something have been laying waiting for the barriers to break, finally having it all flowing free.

Alex Møklebust (my sidekick from Seigmen and Zeromancer) has yet again done the mixing.

Ljungblut are doing two concerts this week; Ælvespeilet, Porsgrunn on April 26th, and Lille Ole Bull Scene, Bergen on April 27th.  

Premiere of ” Et ørlite håp så stort “:


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