Admx-71 – Coherent Abstractions (CD Album – L.I.E.S. Records)

By Oct 2,2015

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Genre/Influences: IDM, minimal-electro, experimental-techno.

Admx-71Content: It always is a real pleasure to discover new work by Adam Mitchell. Mainly known under the Adam-X moniker, Mitchell also started a few years ago the side-project Admx-71.

Both projects share a common interest and passion for vintage- and minimal-electronics, but Admx-71 always brings an extra level of experimental and industrial style. The last year released EP “The Redacted Files” showed this artist in a real great- and creative mood so I was wondering what the new stuff would sound like.

“Coherent Abstractions” reveals 11 new cuts, which are not as much into industrial influences although experimental, but more into an explicit IDM approach. It remains a pretty minimal experience in electronic music, but first of all a beautiful quest for unique sound manipulations. The vintage electro approach remains a visionary creation resulting in a unique sound DNA, which Adam Mitchell transposes into rough loops, spooky atmospheres and subtle astral bleeps. The songs are mainly carried by a slow rhythm.

“Coherent Abstractions” sounds like a work in constant progress evolving towards a more sophisticated creation while holding on to the roughness of both previous albums. The work appears to be more delicate although covered by this impression of a voluntary unpolished production process. It brings old-school electronics into a new dimension, which comes perfectly through on “My Theme Song”.

There also is a more explicit ‘ambient’ flavor emerging from the songs. It creates an imaginary cellar-music style, which finds its climax on “Bound & Broken” featuring a few spoken words by Janina. A few technoid elements can be noticed as well and I here want to tip “Phenomenalist” characterized by a sonic orgy of bleeps and other sound manipulations. Adam Mitchell is just pushing the boundaries of electronic creation towards new dimensions.

This artist dares to walk the few unexplored paths of electronic music and that’s an aspect deserving a real respect and recognition for an artist who’s now been involved in the scene for 25 years.

Conclusion: Adam Mitchell is one of those creative minds that always takes me by surprise. He never totally repeats himself, but simply sounds like he is in a constant evolution. “Coherent Abstractions” is a new masterpiece that has to be teached at the imaginary high school of electronic music!

Best songs: “Bound & Broken”, “My Theme Song”, “Phenomenalist”, “Arrival Into Uncharted Territory”, “Anxious Solitude”.

Rate: (DP:8½)DP.

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