Adam X – Recon Mission (Digital Album – Sonic Groove)

By Dec 18,2018

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-EBM, techno-body.

Background/Info: Brooklyn (New York – USA) born electro-veteran Adam Mitchell is back on track unleashing the sixth full length album of Adam X. Notice by the way this album is also available on digital format.

Content: If you’re familiar with the work of Mitchell, you perfectly know what to expect. Adam X once more finds his inspiration in the good-old vintage gear creating unique sound treatments and a perfect sound fusion between EBM and techno music. He calls it ‘future-EBM’ and that’s a rather interesting definition as it sounds like pure vintage electronics mixed with refreshing dark- and industrial techno.

The album takes off with impressive minimal-EBM cuts. You’ll here sampled vocals and a few real vocal parts running through this work. Big resonating kicks and typical analogue sweeps are sometimes leading the listener into a transcendental state.

+ + + : Adam X hasn’t lost his composing skills. “Recon Mission” is a dark electronic work inspired by dystopian themes. But there where dystopia always ends in a truly nightmarish vision, the music of Adam X will get the listener into pure addiction. The magic of the analogue (modular) machines have something unique; cold and sterile, powerful and danceable! “Recon Mission” is one more ultimate fusion between underground electronics. It’s an intelligent production and a truly reference for so-called electronic artists who are just imitating each other.

– – – : There’s maybe one single cut (cf. “Bimini Wall”) that can’t totally convince me. It sounds more technoid and still experimental-like.

Conclusion: Adam X is an artist who each time again takes me by surprise. I know what I can expect, but there always is a flavor of magic supporting his work. That’s why I consider him as a truly sound wizard. Respect!

Best songs: “Earth Base One”, “Tales Of Mystery”, “Delusions Of Paranoia”, “Modular Bodies”, “Mythological Creatures”.

Rate: (9).

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