Abbildung – All Demons Are Horned (CD Album – Winter-Light)

By Jan 20,2016

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient.

AbbildungBackground/Info: Stefan Casian is a Romanian artist and label-owner who’s been active in the wider fields of dark-ambient music since 2004-2005. After having released multiple productions on his own label (Essentia Mundi) he got signed by Winter-Light to release this new work, which comes to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Abbildung.

Content: The title of the album sounds pretty ritual and demonic, which is a feeling that immediately comes through when you hear the first passages of the work. Casian is a real expert in conceiving progressive and meticulous dark-ambient compositions. It feels like a sonic web that slowly comes to catch its prisoners.

Monstrous sound treatments and multiple field recordings lead the listener into frightening journey. The overwhelming and dark production fill the space with an apocalyptic feeling. There are no traces of happiness running through this work. You feel like you are enduring an endless ice age where the sun has been banished forever.

Abbildung sounds like the antechamber of hell. But it also is a subtle production with a fascinating imaginary strength. Every single song sounds like its own surreal story.

+ + + : This is a purely chilling production revealing a great progression in its total writing. The songs have been composed like real artwork. The somewhat tribal passage running through “Anthropocosmos & Dark Aum” is a real great moment of sound.

– – – : This is the kind of record that needs your entire attention to catch all the little details and microscopic sound elements running through the composition. So you’ll really have to discover this album in the right circumstances.

Conclusion: “All Demons Are Horned” sounds like an ode to the antichrist. This is music to awaken ghosts and bring the world into darkness and fright.

Best songs: “Usdeno”, “Anthropocosmos & Dark Aum”, “Srater & Two-Sphere”.

Rate: (DP:8)DP.

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