Seetyca – Nemeton (CD Album – Winter-Light)

By Jan 19,2016

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, soundscape.

SeetycaBackground/Info: Seetyca is one of the most prolific dark-ambient artists I know. We might speak about a real sound maniac who joined hands together with Winter-Light to unleash the “Nemeton”-album;

Content: “Nemeton” refers to a sacred space in the Celtic tradition. Sound-wise this place has been transformed into endless corridors of ambient, buzzing noises. You get the feeling of being imprisoned in an obscure sonic tunnel without an exit. The obscure sound treatments make me think of a freaky movie without images.

Your mind will have to create its own images, which I imagine will be linked with visions of horror. You get the feeling that less things are happening during the listening, but the strength of this album rather lays in little details you’ll fully seize by using headphones.

That’s the right way you’ll perceive different sound manipulations resulting in monstrous noises. Seetyca likes to experiment with noises to create new tones.

A few percussion parts at “Als Licht Geh’ Ich Vor Dich Hin” add some diversity to the work, which finally comes to an end by a somewhat astral requiem sounding track.

+ + + : The main force of this album is all in the details, which you will hear when playing the record at a real high volume or when using headphones.

– – – : I’m missing a real sound climax at this work. The tracks are captivating, but none can really take me away to explore my most frightening fantasies.

Conclusion: I get the impression that Seetyca is able to do much better than this “Nemeton”-album. It’s a pleasant experience, but without a real highlight.

Best songs: “Wenn Alles Aus Ist”, “Nemeton”.

Rate: (DP:6½)DP.

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