A Projection – Section (CD Album – Metropolis Records)

By Nov 15,2019

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Genre/Influences: Cold-wave, post-punk, wave-rock.

Background/Info: Set up in 2013 and operating from Stockholm (Sweden) A Projection released two albums on Tapete Records. After an important change in the line-up saw their bass player become the new singer, the band signed to Metropolis to unleash their third album.

Content: The sound of this band can be easily found in the darkest hours of the 80s. They often reminding me of New Model Army with a touch of Sisters Of Mercy on top. I can also evoke Echo & The Bunnymen for one of the songs. But the songs also reveal a very personal touch, which is more rock-minded. The songs are powerful and carried by great guitar playing and the singer’s deep timbre of voice. The songs are short, but powerful.

+ + + : “Section” is not innovating, but mixing several influences –which are mainly getting us back to the 80s, together. The guitar parts are impressive, now injecting power and this typical dark touch and then becoming more sensible and dreamy-like. I personally prefer the harder cuts, which are ruling over this opus of 11 songs. The debut cuts are stunning pieces of cold-wave with an extra rock flavor on top, but I also have to mention the dreamy outro “Disbelief”.

– – – : The songs are pretty similar and become predictable after a while, but you don’t really hear me complain.

Conclusion: Metropolis clearly has a fine nose to discover talented dark-wave/post-punk inspired formations. And the least I can say is that A Projection is a talented formation, which will for sure catch a wider attention thanks to their move towards Metropolis Records.

Best songs: “Substitute”, “Time”, “Something Whole”, “Diffusion”

Rate: (8).

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