808 Dot.Pop – Incandescent (Chromium + Platinum) (Single + EP – Alfa Matrix)

By Aug 31,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Metroland’s ’Passenger S’ is back on track unleashing the third single/EP from his debut album “The Colour Temperature”. It in fact consists of 2 separate productions, a single plus an EP; “Chromium” featuring two songs and “Platinum” featuring three tracks. Notice by the way “Incandescent” will also be released as a limited 7” entitled “Tantalum”.

Content: There clearly is a very strong connection between the music of Metroland and 808 Dot.Pop, but this solo-project has something more melodic and ‘refreshing’. The “Chromium”-single brings a kind of ‘radio-edit’ from the “Incandescent”-song, which is characterized by bleeping sequences, robotic female vocals and a danceable cadence. The B-side song is a new cut entitled “Metal Halide” on, which you’ll rediscover deep-resonating bass lines and the typical ‘Kraftwerk-ian pop’ music.

The “Platinum”-EP features extended edits of “Incandescent” and “Metal Halide” plus the previously unreleased “Seeing Heat”, which sounds a bit more into minimalism.

+ + + : “Incandescent” was not my favorite song from the album and yet it’s a cool cut revealing the typical robotic pop music of the Belgian project. I like the sound treatments and deep bass vibrations, which are mainly emerging at “Metal Halide”. “Seeing Heat” is another nice surprise and I especially like this track for its minimalism. So in the end I would say both productions feature a cool title track (I’ve a preference for the ‘radio edit’) and a cool B-side cut while “Seeing Heat” definitely sounds like a song to discover.

– – – : You like it or not, but I’m not a huge fan of endless remixes and alternative edits. Passenger S however remains a huge fan and follower of the old 4AD formula.

Conclusion: This production(s) is a cool way to get back to the debut album of 808 Dot.Pop. It’s not my favorite maxi from the list although a fully enjoyable one.

Best songs: “Incandescent – Chromium”, “Seeing Heat”.

Rate: (7½).


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