Die Robo Sapiens – FanFanFanatisch / The Düsseldorf EP (EP – Alfa Matrix)

By Aug 30,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: The Die Krupps gang (cf.Jürgen Engler, Ralf Dörper and Marcel Zürcher) is back on track unleashing the second EP from their EBM side-project Die Robo Sapiens. And it’s a special work as it pays tribute to the electronic scene from Düsseldorf, hometown of Die Krupps, but of course also the city of Kraftwerk, D.A.F., Neu, Rheingold ao. “FanFanFanatisch” is a cover song of Rheingold, which was originally composed in the early 80s.

Content: Die Robo Sapiens seriously boosted and reworked the song into a great EBM version with all the power of Jürgen Engler’s vocals. The B-side song entitled “Düsseldorf” clearly appears to be another wink to the electronic scene from this magic city. It sounds more Kraftwerk-like.

The title track has been remixed by Aestetische, 808 Dot.Pop and Kant Kino (featuring 2 remixes). Notice by the way that one of the remixes by Kant Kino is a mix of D.A.F. (with the song “Der Mussolini” plus the lyrics from Rheingold). Implant made a remix of “Düsseldorf.

+ + + : What a great way to bring this early Rheingold song back to life. Die Robo Sapiens clearly stands for 100% power and the title song clearly appears to be a club smasher. Among the remixes Aesthetische accomplished a great version while I also enjoyed the minimal approach of 808 Dot.Pop mixing its Kraftwerk-pop with the EBM of Die Robo Sapiens.

– – – : I expected a bit more out of some remixes, the Die Robo Sapiens edit however remaining the best one of the EP.

Conclusion: Die Robo Sapiens so far released two great EBM EP’s plus a great cover version of Depeche Mode together with AD:Key; time for a debut album now!

Best songs: “FanFanFanatisch”, “FanFanFanatisch – Aestetische Rework”, “FanFanFanatisch – 808 Dot Mix”.

Rate: (8).


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