808 Dot Pop – Blackbodies (Radiation) (EP – Alfa Matrix)

By Jun 1,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: After the “Variation” and “Pulsation” edits of “Blackbodies” we now get the “Radiation”-EP from 808 Dot Pop. This is the solo-project from Belgian artist ‘Passenger S’ who’s still involved with Metroland. Noemi Aurora (Helalyn Flowers) has been featured as a guest singer on previous “Blackbodies”-EP’s.

Content: “Radiation” features a new version of “Blackbodies”, which sounds darker and rough while Noemi’s vocals have been ‘computerized’ adding a sterile touch to the work. We next get two songs and especially “RGB (Red To Green)” is an interesting cut for its sophisticated approach. After the experimental debut, this track accentuates the minimal approach of the EP. “Gamma Rays” is the other new song. Both songs have been remixed as well; first one by Cubic and the other one by Kraftman.

+ + + : This is for sure my favorite EP from 808 Dot Pop and the right work to announce the debut album “The Colour Temperature”. While it sounds pretty ‘Kraftwerk-ian’ like and still close to Passenger S’ main project, the new song “RGB” is maybe one of the best songs I’ve heard from this musician. There’s an intelligent sound approach, which is different from what I’ve heard before. It’s minimal and yet pop-like. It sounds more like music to listen to and yet it has something danceable. The computer vocal effects are cool, but here again reminding me of Metroland. Both remixes are cool and especially the beautiful synth lines on top of Kraftman’s remix of “Gamma Rays”.

– – – : Just like Metroland, 808 Dot Pop likes to release several productions around the same song(s). I was a bit skeptical about this new work, but I have to admit it’s my favorite one! Time for the album now!

Conclusion: This EP makes me think 808 Dot Pop is not just an entertaining side-project, but there’s a potential hiding in it. I hope the album will confirm the accomplishment of this work.

Best songs: “RGB (Red To Green)”, “Blackbodies (Radiation)”, “RGB (Green To Blue)”.

Rate: (8).


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