Tying Tiffany - The music scene is not easy for a woman

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Tying Tiffany - The music scene is not easy for a woman
Tying Tiffany combines elements of Gothic, New-Wave and Electroclash, described by some people as Emilie Autumn meets Vive La Fête. Recently "Peoples Temple", her third album, was released which sounds very refreshing, danceable and well produced. Besides being a musician/performer, frontwoman Tiff is also DJ, actress, model and sex-symbol and worked together with Atari Teenage Riot and Alec Empire. It looks like this new cd is going to open doors for a breakthrough in the alternative scene. If you think Spectra Paris is hot, you haven't seen this Italian vamp yet! (by DJ Wildhoney)

SL: Can you describe the current line-up of the band? I saw on earlier live pictures and clips that there were also girls and a drummer involved?

TT: At the moment I'm on stage with 2 musicians (Lorenzo Montana and Lorenzo Soldano) - guitars, synth and effects. I've changed different line-ups because I like to experiment and evolve my sound... Same story for my studio sessions, where I equally keep on changing the arrangements for my live show. I keep a clean language, no frills or choreography, focusing on the wild side of all the performances, I hate proselytes among a song or who sings judgements, music is the best way to talk for me, I always prefer the spontanity and immediacy.

SL: Your song "Storycide" was recently used on an episode of the popular series C.S.I. in the USA. What feelings does this give to you and in which way is this a good thing for your band?

TT: I'm really proud that this TV series has chosen my song for an episode, sounds strange for me to be in this mainstream context. It's fun that the scene is used on a vampire meeting... awesome! I don't know what this will give me... but I would like to say thanks to my publishing partner Zerokilled from NY.

SL: How is the Gothic/Electro scene in Italy going nowadays? Can you name some bands you like or name some befriended bands?

TT: In Italy there are interesting Gothic/Electro/Dark artists, with an international hype, like Spiritual Front, x**, Spectra Paris, Dope Stars inc., Neon, Templebeat, Spiral 69, Banthier and many others. Here this scene is very underground, and it's not easy to bring it to a bigger audience.

SL: Do you compose the lyrics and music of the songs completely on your own?

TT: Yes on my own, music and lyrics come from rush ideas in unpredictable moments, I can't choose and control my dreams but I can sometimes trap them, if I can catch them when I wake up. I usually write with bass or just the voice melody and sequencer. I always carry a notepad with me as I'm scared of forgetting ideas and stuff... my memory is not that great.

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SL: Time to clear this mistery up: why are there 2 different clips of "I Wanna Be Your mp3" on YouTube?

TT: This track appears 2 times on 2 different albums, with just some little changes, first release was in 2005 on the album "Undercover", the video was with my first line-up.
The second video was powered by Diesel on 2007 for my second album "Brain For Breakfast".

SL: Can you tell us a little bit more about the upcoming remix-album? Which bands are featured on it?

TT: It will be a digital release by Trisol of tracks from the "Peoples Temple" album, it will include remixes by RevCo World, Dope Stars inc, First Black Pope, Spiral 69, x** and many others... I love to listen to my song revisited by other artists.

SL: Is it hard for you to be taken seriously as a frontwoman of a band?

TT: The music scene is not easy for a woman, unfortunately there is too much prejudice to knock down, I've always tried to impose my will, carrying it on with confidence... never had a problem with it!

SL: Recently you performed live on the Milan Fashion Week in Italy. Tell us more about this concept... and which celebrities were in the audience?

TT: The Italian fashion week is very interesting, it's a great place to meet stylists, musicians, and artists from all over the world... It's something different from the gigs on clubs or festivals where people come there to check you out. Within the last years, it is common for the new brands, to pick alternative artists to represent them. Fashion is a very experimental world, I performed for a new fashion brand called "Amen", there were many celebrities but I was not there to see them.

SL: You must be looking forward to perform on the Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2011 in Germany? Can we see you soon live on other places all over Europe too?

TT: Yes, I'm preparing something special for the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig... but it is top secret! I'm also planning a European tour after the next Remix-album release.

SL: My last question is for all desperate men all over the world: are you still single, lesbian or happily married?

TT: Eheh, I'm pretty sure that I'm not married!

Industrial music CDs on eBay USA | eBay UK | eBay GER

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