Vlimmer – XIIIII (EP – Blackjack Illuminist Records)

By Mar 26,2020

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Genre/Influences: Cold-wave, wave-pop, dream-pop.

Format: Digital, CDR, cassette.

Background/Info: Alexander Donat moves on unleashing new EP’s of his main project Vlimmer. This work is ‘about surrendering to the overwhelmingly abysmal puzzle that is life’.

Content: Every single Vlimmer EP’s has something different to discover. “XIIIII” remains carried by elements of cold-wave and wave-pop music, but it also is inspired by dream-pop music. It reminds me of some 4AD bands mixing melancholia and evasive guitar playing. “Fluchtlauf” doesn’t sound that different from the rest of the tracklist, but the electronic treatments are more noticeable here. All songs are once more sung in German.

+ + + : I respect Vlimmer for not repeating itself, but each time again exploring new paths. This EP is carried by good-old dream-pop elements, which are fully enjoyable for the dreamy- although sad atmospheres. The opening piece “Augenlicht” sounds as the best track from the EP.

– – – : I think the mix and mastering could have been a little bit more professional.

Conclusion: Vlimmer remains an interesting experience, but still a project, which is missing its ‘hit’! It however is one of the most noticeable releases in this EP-series.

Best songs: “Augenlicht”, “Fluchtlauf”, “Zielzyklus”.

Rate: (7½).





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