Swinefeaster – Worm (Album – Swinefeaster)

By Mar 26,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, experimental, breakcore.

Format: Digital .

Background/Info: Swinefeaster is an American project based in Seattle (USA). I noticed a few songs were already released on the project’s digital platform.

Content: “Worm” features 10 songs (but I got a demo with a bonus track and a teaser song from the next album), which are driven by elements of industrial music and breakcore. It creates an electronic mishmash with vocals on top, which sounds pretty improvised. One of the most ‘structured’ cuts is the bonus track I got, which is a remix of “Rid Of The Dark” (this song isn’t featured in the tracklist).

+ + + : The least I can say is that Swinefeaster is a project with a very unique approach and sound. It’s not that conventional. I have to admit I’m not into this kind of music, but I enjoyed some spooky passages running through “OK You Sucker” and “Wormthreader”.

– – – : This is a difficult release, a kind of sonic challenge, which I’m afraid will only catch the attention of a restricted number of people. I’m missing cohesion between the songs.

Conclusion: If you’re into decomposed electronics and you like experiments mixing industrial music and breakcore, this could be worthy of examination!

Best songs: “OK You Sucker”, “Wormthreader”.

Rate: (5).



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