Vlimmer – X (CD EP – Blackjack Illuminist Records)

By Oct 12,2018

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Genre/Influences: Wave-pop, cold-wave, minimal-electro.

Background/Info: Alexander Leonard Donat aka Vlimmer started end of 2015 with an 18-EP series. We here welcome the tenth chapter featuring 5 new songs.

Content: Vlimmer has something versatile. Every single EP appears to be a new experiment and exploration of atypical electro-pop fields. This work moves towards wave-pop fields, which are clearly inspired by the 80s. The songs have been built up with minimal-electronics, but I also noticed guitar playing that reinforces the link with new-wave and related genres.

The work moves from dark- and dreamy passages towards elaborated electronic minimalism with German vocals on top.

+ + + : What I especially appreciate listening to Vlimmer is the global atypical approach. There are some 80s reminiscences and other explicit influences, but the result remains something personal. The songs have been elaborated, but I mainly like the darkness hanging over the work.  

– – – : The songs are somewhat similar-like and that’s not really a problem. I’m still missing a song that could be considered as ‘hit’ or at least as a ‘reference’ to get this band a bit more into the spotlights.

Conclusion: If you like atypical underground-pop music with a dark flavor on top, Vlimmer is a band that might catch your attention.

Best songs: “Kondens”, “Nebelgeist”.

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