Thanatoloop – Resilencia (CD Album – Blackjack Illuminist Records)

By Oct 12,2018

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, industrial.

Thanatoloop – ResilenciaBackground/Info: Thanatoloop is a Chilean solo-project set up in 1994 and driven by the prolific mind of Michel Leroy Valdés. He released over the 40 albums since 1994, but this latest opus is the first one released on Blackjack Illuminist Records. “Resilencia” is a kind of dystopian work inspired by the death of love, detachment, abuse and capitalism.

Content: The main themes inspiring this work have been transposed into a pretty experimental work where electronics and guitar playing have been mixed together. Spanish vocals can be heard on top of the songs. Sometimes into a ballad style and next moving into cold, atmospheres passages, Thanatoloop exposed pure experimentalism throughout the 8 cuts featured on this work.

+ + + : The main strength of the work clearly is the very personal style. It’s an experimental exposure revealing certain chemistry between electronics and guitar playing. It’s a harsh and unpolished production, which perfectly matches with the darkness hanging over this album. Michel Leroy Valdés makes no compromises and just seems to exorcise the ideas running through his mind.

– – – : Some of the ‘softer’ cuts are a bit ballad-minded and aren’t exactly my favorite cuts. I’m referring to songs such as “Falsa Factual” and “Expresiones”.

Conclusion: Blackjack Illuminist Records has a taste for unusual music; kind of new experimentalists and that’s for sure why Thanatoloop caught the attention of the label. I can’t say that I’ve been totally seduced.

Best songs: “San Sename”, “Resilencia”.

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