Viviankrist – Morgenrøde (CD Album – Cold Spring)

By Apr 8,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, minimal-electronics, Noise.

Background/Info: Some of you might have heard of Vivian Slaughter who was member of the female Japanese doom/noise trio Gallhammer. Vivian Slaughter renamed herself into Viviankrist and started some solo-experiments. She last year released two split albums, one with I,Eternal and the other one with Risaripa. “Morgenrøde” features 8 cuts.

Content: The album is a bit versatile, taking off with heavy power-noise cut while a more experimental- and minimal-like track comes next. Quite progressively the work touches ground with minimal electronics characterized by icy, overwhelming sounds and tunes. It finally all ended like it begun, with an extreme noise exposure.

+ + + : I especially like the minimal side of the electronics. Somewhere in between pure experimentalism and minimal-electronics, these cuts have something special. Viviankrist clearly reveals herself as a passionate sound and noise manipulator, but the icy and overpowering sound production is magnificent. “Black Out” and “Morgenrøde” both illustrate the intelligent approach of the artist.

– – – : I’ve been less impressed by the heavier power-noise passages, which are less original and definitely less accessible for a wider audience.

Conclusion: “Morgenrøde” is the result from a real creative process revealing an artist obsessed by sound- & Noise creation. It’s a bit extreme and yet fascinating. This album has something apart from the rest of the experimental releases.

Best songs: “Black Out”, “Morgenrøde”, “Cactus”, “Spring Storm”.

Rate: (8).


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