Larva – Abominations (CD Album – Advoxya Records)

By Mar 10,2016

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

LarvaBackground/Info: InqUesT (vocals, lyrics & sequences) and Anoxia (sequences) are already active since a couple of years now. Both mates from Barcelona have released an impressive number of albums in a rather short lapse of time. They definitely belong to the selected list of most ‘tormented’ dark-electro acts of the scene.

Content: This new opus clearly reveals a great evolution in the global sound production. “Abominations” definitely is their most accomplished and successful album to date. The sound and influences haven’t really changed, Larva remaining a sick format of dark-electronics. InqUesT sings like a possessed soul and you really feel all the rage and torment coming out of his throat. The songs are sung in Spanish.

The music is quite familiar for its power and coldness, but the main evolution appears to be the little and subtle arrangements this work has been made with. It all consists of little bleeps and delicate treatments injecting a refined and artistic touch to the work. It creates a delicious contrast with the main aspect of the composition, which moves into merciless and furious hell-electro music.

There also is a surprising song featuring Axel Machens from Placebo Effect. This is a rather experimental cut and one of the slowest pieces of the work revealing a kind of dark reverie.

+ + + : The power and global sound production is absolutely amazing. I’ve not always been an adept Larva, but this work is absolutely well-crafted and efficient. There’re multiple dancefloor killers on “Abominations”.

– – – : The softer and slower songs are not their most convincing side although I’ve to admit it brings some diversity to the album.

Conclusion: I can’t remember to have ever liked to hear “Abominations”, but Larva transformed pure horror themes and imagery into beauty and transcendental dark-electro music.

Best songs: “Mi Mundo Nunca Fue El Vuestro”, “La Vida Se Desmorona”, “Comfortably Broken”, “No Podran Conmigo”, “El Hombre Triste Que No Liora Jamas”.

Rate: (8). / /



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