Venin Carmin – Glam Is Gone (Vinyl Album – Seja Records)

By Sep 16,2015

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Genre/Influences: New-wave, psychedelic-wave-rock.

Venin CarminContent: Venin Carmin is a brand-new project hailing from France. This female artist is mainly inspired by good-old new-wave music, but injects other influences to her work as well.

“Pure & Alive” is definitely into the 80 spirit dealing with a typical deep bass line and a kind of new-wave & pop approach. The next few songs hold on to the same sound formula, but globally it sounds more into psychedelic music as well. “Suckers (Are You)” sounds a bit more provocative, but reminds me sound-wise to the great “Planet Claire” from The B52’s.

A next interesting cut is “Fade & Forget”, which sounds more delicate and evasive and, which will possibly appeal for fans of Ladytron. Venin Carmin definitely is a talented artist who tries to exorcise different ideas throughout the 10 songs. She also walks on quieter music paths with an extra electronic touch (cf. “Drawing Down The Moon”) and with some more passion in the vocals.

The wave-pop minded “July Ain’t Summer” brings us back to the better part of this work, which a great balance between guitar and electronics. This sound formula has been used as well on the title song, which also is the last cut. I here again noticed a more enraged and passionate style, which comes through in the production of the vocals and music as well.

Conclusion: “Glam Is Gone” doesn’t innovate, but sounds as a real refreshing and enjoyable release for lovers of new-wave and other dark 80s pop productions.

Best songs: Suckers (Are You)”, “Glam Is Gone”, “July Ain’t Summer”, “Fade & Forget”.

Rate: (DP:7½)DP.


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