Vacant Stations – Clones (CD Album – Winter-Light)

By Dec 13,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient.

Background/Info: Winter Light is an interesting small label, which already let me discover interesting and new artists active in the dark-ambient fields. Vacant Stations is hailing from London (UK) and seems to have a background in video- and film industry. “Clones” however appears to be the debut album and features 13 tracks.

Content: “Clones” doesn’t really feature an intro, but immediately starts the listener on a dark sonic voyage. The influences are clearly dark-ambient like and have a strong visual appeal created by humming sound waves, deep, resonating tones and other misty atmospheres.

+ + + : The global atmosphere recovering this work is icy and misty. It reinforces the visual appeal of the work, which sometimes reminds me to the nihilistic atmosphere created by Z’ev. You feel like lost in dark and wet corridors. The vibrating sounds are only accentuating the state of despair, which progressively possesses you. “Reprieve” is one of the absolute highlights in the genre. I also get the impression to hear some field recordings accomplishing the desperate vision created by “Clones”.

– – – : I think a few cuts could have been a little bit more elaborated. It gives me the sensation some cuts are not reaching their apotheosis. That’s maybe because of the cinematographic background of the artist where tracks are often short.

Conclusion: Vacant Stations reminds me of the great and typical dark-ambient projects creating this particular feeling of solitude. This is the kind of album appealing for Cold Meat Industry fans.

Best songs: “Reprieve”, “Day”, “Lapse”, “Rubberneck”

Rate: (7½).


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