V/A Wave Earplug No.1 (Vinyl Album – 4mg Records)

By Oct 10,2017

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Genre/Influences: Electronics, electro-wave, minimal-electro, experimental.

Background/Info: 4mg Records is a Slovakian label set up by Imiafan and devoted to promote DIY artists. This vinyl is the first series dealing with wave music from all over Europe.

Bands: Imiafan, Venin Carmin, Paralelo, The Revolving Eyes, Angaudlinn, Exhausted Modern feat. Zarkoff, Trois traffic, Staatseinde, Second Planet.

Content: This compilation features 9 artists coming from Slovakia, Sweden, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic & Croatia. It first of all is a way to discover multiple hidden talents and who knows maybe some bands will even break through. Most of the songs are into electro-minimalism and mainly mixed with electro-wave elements. There clearly is an inspiration reminding the great 80s decade.

+ + + : This is the kind of concept I really encourage and fully support. It reveals a nice sonic cocktail of unknown bands dealing with refreshing electronics. I know it might sound a bit contradictory when saying that music is refreshing while it’s inspired by 80s sounds, but most of the bands have created a fascinating sonic bridge between good-old new-wave and contemporary minimalism. I heard some excellent contributions from Belgian formation The Revolving Eyes, the minimalism of Imiafan, the more into dance-pop sounding Trois Traffic and the electro-wave of Staatseinde. It also is a real great idea to release this ‘vintage’ sounding music on vinyl format.

– – – : The artwork of the vinyl cover could have been more creative and professional, but I guess that’s also a part of the DIY attitude… which I like by the way!

Conclusion: If you’re bored of compilation featuring big names and their latest hits, you better can spend your money a clever way by buying an original compilation, which will make you discover interesting (and mainly) new names.

Best bands: The Revolving Eyes, Imiafan, Trois traffic, Staatseinde, Venin Carmin.

Rate: (7½).



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