V/A Forms Of Hands 17 (CD Album – Hands)

By Aug 5,2017

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, powernoise, IDM, industrial-trance, industrial-techno.

Background/Info: “Forms Of Hands” became a recognized and successful label festival, which each year again reveals some of the hottest industrial formations from the Hands roster plus a few ‘new’ projects. The festival took place in April and was spread over two days reassembling 14 bands. The “Forms Of Hands” compilation series is a way to get back to this great happening revealing the 14 bands from the festival.

Bands: Winterkälte, Orphx, Geistform, Greyhound, MS Gentur, SKET, New frames, Heimstatt Yipotash, Hysteresis, Last Days Of S.E.X., Tomohiko Sagae, Saturmzlide, Dirty K, Kaibun.

Content: Hands is one of the absolute leading labels from the industrial music. The label also became a host for innovating bands, which are very appealing to an industrial audience. This sampler perfectly represents the sonic horizon of the German label.

This is not just ‘industrial’, but often a mix with techno or trance for some of the most ‘progressive’ bands, a move back to industrial roots revealing heavy power-noise driven bands, or some projects mixing industrial with noise and experimental treatments. From rough and unpolished tracks to more sophisticated and high-tech pieces this new series again has a lot to offer.

+ + + : We all will have our favorite industrial styles and bands, but this great selection of bands only confirms the leading status of the label from Dortmund. From the transcendental power-noise Dirty K to the newest signing Tomohiko Sagae who clearly reveals to be a merciless industrial-trance & noise freak to the d’n’b core experiment by Hysteresis to the technoid experiments by intelligent artists such as Geistform, Kaibun and of course Orphx to the industrial-trance of Heimstatt Yipotash and Greyhound to the more classical power-noise sounds of Winterkälte and MS Gentur there definitely is a lot to experience and to get wild of. Tomohiko Sagae and New Frames (new project by Mathis Mootz aka Panacea) both are the ‘new comers’ and in a way discoveries from the sampler.

– – – : I can imagine some early Hands-addicts will maybe regret the some of the technoid influences on several bands, but I’m afraid this is a natural and probably logical evolution industrial music has to go through.

Conclusion: This sampler once again reveals a great sonic cocktail from some of the finest Hands bands.

Best bands: Orphx, Greyhound, Geistform, Kaibun, Saturmzlide.

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