V/A Zeitgeist Vol.9 (Digital Album – Cold Transmission Music)

By Jun 8,2019

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electro, electro-wave, cold-wave.

Background/Info: German label Cold Transmission Music moves on with the “Zeitgeist”-series unleashing the ninth volume. This is a new opportunity to discover some of the upcoming talents from the electro-underground and cold-wave scene.

Artists: SYZYGYX, La Mécanique, Elz And The Cult, Crying Vessel, Antipole, Aprilmen, Lobby, Glaring, Egoprisme, Sexy Suicide ao.

Content: There are less label bands featured at this compilation and that’s probably because “Zeitgeist Vol.9” sounds more electro-minimal like while the label is more focused on cold-wave music. Most of the bands are getting their inspiration from the 80s although you’ll notice very personal influences on top. The compilation sounds pretty vintage like and progressively evolves from minimal-electronics to a last part featuring cold-wave driven formations.

+ + + : It’s a new opportunity to discover less familiar- and totally unknown projects active in the shadow of bigger names. But the compilation again brings us real cool surprises. I especially like the minimal-electro touch emerging from bands such as Milliken Chamber, Glaring, Mater Suspiria Vision and SYZYGYX. From the cold-wave front I especially recommend La Mécanique, Sexy Suicide and Lobby (which in the meantime seems to have split up). This compilation features 31 bands!

– – – : I don’t see real minus points here, but it’s a pity some of the featured bands don’t have more recognition!

Conclusion: Among the endless list of samplers, the “Zeitgeist”-series seems to be one of the most interesting ones for bringing us a truly underground spirit by a nice selection of less famous, but talented artists.

Best bands: Glaring, Sexy Suicide, So What?, Milliken Chamber, Lobby, Egoprisme, Hanging Freud.

Rate: (8½).



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