Skeldos – Ilges – Caretakers Of Yearning (CD Album – The Epicurean)

By Aug 30,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, dark-cinematographic.

Background/Info: Skeldos is a Lithuanian solo-project driven by Vytenis Eitminavicius. A few previous productions were released while this album is an ‘extended’ version of the “Ilges” self-released album from 2018 available as cassette. 

Content: The sound of Skeldos is clearly inspired by dark-ambient music and cinematic passages. It’s a mysterious sonic universe completed with spoken like Lithuanian texts and poetry. The language injects an extra mysterious flavor, especially for Western-living people who aren’t at all familiar with this language. There also is an authentic touch running through the songs, which is created by the use of real instrument sounds such as violin, guitar and even a traditional Lithuanian instrument.

+ + + : Skeldos creates an imaginary world of desolation. This music has a strong visual appeal and especially the track “Caretakers Of Yearning”. This track has a kind of elevating effect in its final part. I also have to mention “Fading Gardens” for the cool violin playing injecting an emotional touch to the cut. Last, but not least, this album is available in a cool digipak format.

– – – : The work only features three cuts, but they’re a little less too long in duration.

Conclusion: Skeldos is an interesting discovery, but I’m sure there’s more potential in this work than what came out.

Best songs: “Caretakers Of Yearning”, “Fading Gardens”.

Rate: (7).

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