True Zebra – Idiorhythmic (Album – True Zebra)

By Nov 15,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM, Electro-Wave, Experimental.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info:  Belgian artist Kevin Strauwen –who’s also involved with The Juggernauts, has already released a few works under the True Zebra moniker. The last released album “123” was a kind of ‘best of’ released on Wool-E Discs. The new work deals with ‘the collapse of the self and the resulting disconnect with love’ and has been exposed throughout seven songs.

Content: “Idiorhythmic” looks more like a mini-album, but is quite diversified. True Zebra covers different ideas, but all songs have been built up around an Electornic basis. From Electro-Wave mixed with EBM (especially the bass lines) to rather Minimal- and even Experimental passages this work sounds definitely more consistent than what I’ve heard before. The song “Move” is a real good example of the growing experience of the project.

+ + + : True Zebra takes care to mix an EBM influenced work together with dark atmospheric treatments. From solid and menacing bass lines to minimal sequences to haunting atmospheres, this album features a few noticeable songs such as “Logistica And Thelemia” and “Move”. This project has a real interesting potential to create a very personal EBM.

– – – : It’s a pity there are only 7 songs featured. The last song is more a kind of outro with an experimental appeal, but driven by a retro touch.

Conclusion: True Zebra has focalized on a more explicit Electro/EBM production and this new work reveals a bright future for this project!

Best songs: “Logistica And Thelemia”, “Move”, “Connection Is Addiction”.

Rate: (7½).



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