Triode – Into The Deep (EP – Aliens Production)

By Jul 5,2021

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Genre/Influences: Ambient-Electro, Experimental.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Triode is a brand new project driven by Aliens Production owner Peter ‘Ryby’ Rybar. He’s also involved with Disharmony and Oxyd. “Into The Deep” features four songs, which are inspired by ‘sacral images intertwining with modern civilization falling into the bowels of infinity’. 

Content: The sound universe of Triode opens a gate to an Ambient-Electro universe, which sounds pretty space-like –and therefore sometimes reminds me  of the ‘Berlin school’, but at the other side still pretty dark and ominous. It’s a refined composition of songs that are progressively evolving. “Rest” features somewhat surprising Gregorian chants adding a heavenly touch to this sonic trip.

+ + + : Triode definitely appears to be a project for fine tasters, a restricted number of music lovers with an open-minded taste for electronic music. Triode has some retro-like evoking elements of the Berlin school, but at the other side still a very personal approach characterized by dark atmospheres. I’ve always been a huge lover of Gregorian chants and that’s why I like “Rest” resulting in an elevating sensation.

– – – : The work is missing a true climax, the tracks remaining pretty calm and often too flat.

Conclusion: Triode is an interesting project from this label owner, Aliens Production remaining a true reference when it comes to intelligent- and visionary Electro.

Best songs: “Rest”, “Sonda”.

Rate: (6½).


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