Torul – Hikikomori (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)

By Sep 13,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, indie-pop.

Background/Info: Slovenian formation Torul is already active since 2003. They progressively became an established electro-pop formation and even after the line-up change featuring a new singer since their previous album “Reset” Torul never stops to conquer new electro-pop lovers.

Content: The album was preceded by several singles, which you still can find on the album. The style and influences of Torul are pretty similar to previous works. There’s a mix of indie- and traditional electro-pop. It resulted in catchy songs with astral sound treatments, dreamy passages and other danceable cuts with sensual vocals on top.

+ + + : Torul is not what I should call an electro-poop clone. You now and then might notice a few Depeche Mode similarities, but their work has something personal. This album has something sophisticated featuring a polished sound production. The space-like atmosphere injects a wafting sensation to the work. I also like some flat bass line arrangements. Torul definitely has something very personal!

– – – : Torul no longer takes me by surprise and I’m maybe missing the magic from the earliest albums. This new opus features several noticeable songs, but not their greatest hit in history.

Conclusion: If you’re already familiar with Torul, “Hikikomori” will for sure bring you sonic joy although I can’t say it’s their best opus to date.

Best songs: “Hikikomori”, “Bad Boy Dreaming”, “Ausverkauft”, “You Won”, “The Sooner The Better”, “In Our World”.

Rate: (7½).

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