Torturetekk – Tomb Raver (Album – Midian Studios)

By Aug 21,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Wave, Cyber-Goth, Electro-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Only a few months after the ‘come-back’ album “Nightfall” Torturetekk is back with a new work. Sean Athamay (music) and Lisa J (vocals) bring us seven new songs plus two remixes.

Content: The sound formula of this new opus is totally comparable to “Nightfall”, but the only difference is that the songs are more mature. The compositions feature elements of Dark-Wave and Techno-Body music with some Cyber-Goth elements on top. Lisa J now and then injects a sensual touch to the work.

+ + + : This album is much more accomplished than its predecessor. Torturetekk is definitely back! The songs are more worked out, featuring some Techno sequences while empowering guitar riffs are more noticeable as well. “Adrenaline” and “I Am” both are refreshing tracks. There’s also something to say about both remixes. “Electric” which was originally featured at the band’s debut album (cf. “Revelling In Perversion”) is a cool Techno-Body song while “Deliverance” (featured on their previous album) got a serious boost with a sensual touch on top.I also got the feeling Lisa J felt more comfortable singing on this album.

– – – : Even if the sound mix and –production are much better, I think it remains the main element to improve. 

Conclusion: If you want to discover Torturetekk you’d better try this album first; cool Cyber-Goth-Electro-Technoid-Wave!

Best songs: “Electric – Tomb Raver Mix”, “I Am…”, “Deliverance – Tomb Raver Mix”, “Adrenaline”, “Fragile”.

Rate: 7½ .



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