Cucurbitophobia – Nexus Insidias (Album – Cucurbitophobia)

By Aug 22,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, Experimental, Dark-Ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: New York (USA) based Rob Benny strikes back with a new opus of his sonic project Cucurbitophobia –which is an excessive, irrational and unreasonable fear of pumpkins.

Content: Cucurbitophobia remains inspired by Cinematographic music. The work features 4 diverse cuts. The opening cut is driven by Metal riffs, Electronic strings and orchestral arrangements. It sounds pretty horror-like, which is the main source of inspiration of the artist. I next noticed a track with overwhelming sound blasts and some drones. The sphere is progressively becoming more tormenting while the last cut is short and features piano arrangements, which only accentuate the sensation of Cinematographic music.

+ + + : The (mini)-album is diversified, each track revealing something different from the previous one. You clearly feel Ron Benny’s fascination for horror movies and –games. “The reckoning” is my favorite cut for its crushing arrangements mixed with drones and more delicate piano playing.

– – – : This is not exactly the most accessible project –especially the debut track, but I also have to say I already heard more convincing work from Cucurbitophobia.

Conclusion: Music with a visual appeal, which clearly wants to lead you throughout a world of fantasy and horror.

Best songs: “The Reckoning”, “The Coven”.

Rate: 6½.

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