The Mannequin Factory – The Mannequin Factory (CD Album – Sonic Entrails Records)

By Jan 9,2020

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, industrial-ambient & punk-poetry.

Background/Info: This new project is the meeting between ‘punk poet’ Adam Probert and John E . Smoke (Flesh Eating Foundation). They already worked together on Adam Probert’s album “The Battle For Tomorrow”. This is the duo’s debut album featuring eleven cuts.

Content: The album sounds like a true challenge as it’s not usual to mix engaged narrative spoken lyrics performed with passion and rage at one side and an industrial/ambient music composition at the other side. The lyrics are clearly important for their social topics, but I can’t say they’re more important than the music. They are complementary and the dark-ambient and industrial sound are fitting with the critical perception of Adam Probert.

Notice that a few guest artists contributed to the album as well.

+ + + : I like challenges and even when they’re not ‘easy’ ones. This is the kind of album you have to listen very carefully so you’ll seize the acid content of the lyrics. From the very first track on Adam Probert catches the attention of the listener. He’s not just a narrator, but a true performer who has a critical eye upon different subjects. His performance is accentuated by the dark and industrial music of John E. Smoke. They are a perfect duo; a kind of artistic twins accentuating each other’s work.

– – – : As I already said this kind of work remains a truly challenge, which will clearly catch the attention of a very restricted number of listeners.

Conclusion: The Mannequin factory stands for an original sonic challenge featuring caustic lyrics and dark music.

Best songs: “Mad As Hell ’19 featuring The Percy Vermin Experiment”, “I Found God”, “Black Stork”.

Rate: (7).




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