The Holy Family share video for their new track ‘St Anthony’s Fire’

By May 26,2021

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The Holy Family share video for their new track'St Anthony's Fire'

The Holy Family – that is David J. Smith with longtime collaborators Kavus Torabi, Emmett Elvin, Sam Warren and Michael J. York – have launched a new track, “St Anthony’s Fire”, the latest to be taken from their self-titled album due out via Rocket Recordings on 2 July 2021. Think ritual and you’ll get the closest to what they sound like.

Directed by Rocket’s John O’Carroll the video is about St. Anthony’s Fire, the ergot-infected grain poisoning caused by toxic moulds which cause muscle spasms, fever and hallucinations and other distorted perceptions. It features all the band members at various stages of intoxication after consuming ergot infected rye bread capturing their confronting terrible visions.

You can watch the video for “St Anthony’s Fire” below.

In order to get a better idea of who is exactly behind this project, here’s a round-up of the line-up. First of there is David J. Smith who you will know from Guapo, The Stargazer’s Assistant, UnicaZürn, Cyclobe, Miasma & The Carousel Of Headless Horses. Next there is Kavus Torabi who is/was active with Cardiacs, Gong, The Utopia Strong, Knifeworld and Guapo. The third member is Emmett Elvin who we know from Chrome Hoof, Knifeworld and Guapo. Next there is Sam Warren from Guapo and Thumpermonkey. And finally, Michael J. York who will be best known to all of us thanks to his work with Coil, Current 93, The Utopia Strong, Teleplasmiste, Guapo, The Stargazer’s Assistant and Cyclobe.


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