T_error 404 – Vajrabhairava GO (Digital Album –

By May 18,2017

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Genre/Influences: Tribal-techno, industrial-trance, IDM.

Background/Info: Vladimir Cherepanov aka ‘Denoizer’ is back on track with a new album featuring 18 (!) new cuts. “Vajrabhairava GO” celebrates the 10th anniversary of T_error 404 and also is the seventh opus from this project.

Content: If you’re already familiar with the work of T_error 404 you for sure know this band progressively evolved from harder industrial fields towards tribal-techno work reaching its apotheosis on the previous work “Buddha 2.0”. This new work has been announced as going back to the roots, but I experienced “Vajrabhairava GO” as a more sophisticated- and further experience in tribal-industrial music. Several cuts even remind me of Monolith for its dark-industrial tribal-techno format. T_error 404 mixes different influences together, which even touches elements of ritual music.

+ + + : I’m still convinced that T_error 404 is a band deserving a wider recognition. This artist composes a creative industrial approach mixed with tribal influences and hard, danceable vibes. It’s a diversified opus, which is totally accomplished and revealing multiple moments of pure sonic ecstasy! The tribal element is one of the most fundamental pieces of the work. There are not many artists exploring this sonic path and that’s what makes this opus refreshing and original.

– – – : It’s probably intentional, but I regret the unpolished aspect running through a few cuts. That’s for sure accentuating the industrial side of the work although creating a less high tech format. But my main regret is that this album is only available as digital format.

Conclusion: I’ve never been disappointed by T_error 404. He’s a talented artist creating something apart from the industrial scene and which isn’t repeating himself on every new work.

Best songs: “Virtual Chod”, “Middle Way Complex”, “Dakini Code”, “Doi Suthep”, “Vidjnyana Update”, “Dark Retreat”.

Rate: (8½).




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