Skullflower – The Spirals Of Great Harm (DCD Album – Cold Spring)

By May 18,2017

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Genre/Influences: Noise, black-noise, experimental, industrial.

Background/Info: Skullflower definitely stands for one of the veterans from the so-called noise and black-noise scene. The English formation has released an endless number of productions and collaborations. This new opus is a double disc featuring 13 new cuts created by Matthew Bower.

Content: Skullflower first of all remains a very strong and efficient antidote to what we commonly understand as ‘music’. Skullflower remained always faithful to the original basis of its creation and that’s why you’ll always get back to the particular and unique spirit of the 80s experimental- and industrial movement.

The tracks are driven by buzzing sound waves and tortured guitar. The main aim remains to create- and manipulate noises. Some ghost-like whispering passages inject an extra obscure element to this sonic mayhem.

The main difference between both discs is that the second one sounds more linear like joining an endless noise wave, which gets you in its grip for minutes and minutes. There’s less diversity, the tracks remaining driven by the single power of this heavy sound storm.

+ + + : The first aspect that caught my attention was the great and artistic digipak. It’s so much more than digital releases or streaming and remains a real good reason to be faithful to the CD-format. Sound-wise Skullflower remains a hard and unique experience in sound evoking the early years of industrial- and noise music. It’s an extreme sound experience leading the listener into an imaginary state of stupor, but it also reveals an experienced artist who knows exactly how to create sounds and noises. Guitar and violin, for example, both became a kind of sound surgery joined by electronic treatments for an industrial requiem.

– – – : The second disc is more monotonous although it’s not the kind of monotony that will put you to sleep. Skullflower sounds extreme and is not always that accessible so you better get psychologically prepared when listening to this kind of music.

Conclusion: Skullflower brings us back to the essence of black-noise, which always is a tormenting experience appreciated by a very selected number of music fans. Skullflower is an ‘industrial hardcore porn’ experience!

Best songs: “Furfur”, “Nectar And Venom”, “The Firebright And Linda Show”.

Rate: (7).


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