Suppressor – Into A Deep Void (Album – darkTunes Music Group)

By Sep 13,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-trance, psychedelic-industrial.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Bergen Schlitzie set up Suppressor in 2012. Hailing from Chile this artist already released a few albums and EP’s. “Into A Deep Void” is his first full length album released by darkTunes and features fifteen songs –including multiple remixes.

Content: “Into A Deep Void” takes off with a pure hardcore intro, which is not exactly representative for the rest of the tracklist although an indication about some potential sources of inspiration. The majority of the tracks are a true crossover between psy-trance and industrial music with some extra dark-electro touches on top. It’s not a coincidence Suppressor claims to be inspired by artists such as Noisuf-X and Xotox, some songs reminding me of Noisuf-X, but it all sounds more psy-trance driven. “Shaman (v.2)” and “Ritual” both clearly reveal this psy-trance element while “Śūnyatā” sounds darker and more into the Noisuf-X sound formula.

The final part of the work features a few collaborative songs and remixes by Viscera Drip, Traumatic Injection, Asinaptico and Bergen Schlitzie in person.

+ + + : I’m aware this kind of productions is a truly challenge, but I simply love this fusion between industrial sound treatments and psy-trance. “Shaman (v.2)” reminds me of the great “The Prophecy”-track from Meller while other tracks are getting closer to Noisuf-X with some extra goa-influences on top. The tracks aren’t only powerful and transcendental, but still well-crafted and carried by a great production work. The tracklist presents a succession of mind-blowing tracks. I already mentioned “Shaman (v.2)”, “Ritual” and “Śūnyatā”, but still have to tip “A Través De Una Profunda Conciencia” and “A Man Called Rorschach”. Among the remixes, Suppressor also delivers a brilliant edit of “Alarma”.

– – – : A few remixes aren’t adding a real bonus, but just some diversity. I regret there’s no physical copy available of this great album.

Conclusion: Suppressor is not reinventing any kind of music genre, but has accomplished a nuclear sonic fusion between different genres! This album is absolutely phenomenal!

Best songs: “Shaman (v.2)”, “Ritual”, “Śūnyatā”, “A Través De Una Profunda Conciencia”, “A Man Called Rorschach”, “Alarma – Suppressor Remix”.

Rate: (9).


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