Stairway Maze – Kelevra (CD Album – Aliens Production)

By Jan 16,2020

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Genre/Influences: IDM, rhythmic-ambient & cinematographic electro. 

Background/Info: Two years after the debut album “Hollow Spaces” (2017) Russian artist, 
Denis Tverdokhleb, strikes back with the second full length of his Stairway Maze project. 

Content: “Kelevra” sounds like a true electronic assemblage. It’s not an easy thing defining the work of this artist, but the songs clearly resulted from a truly sonic symbiosis. You’ll rapidly notice bombastic drum patterns, aggressive bass lines, refined sound arrangements and dreamy sound waves. It makes me think of a fusion between IDM, ambient, EBM and cinematic music. The songs are instrumental edits although you’ll perceive a few ethereal chants running through “Hail To Barbarians”. 

+ + + : Aliens Productions remains to me a warrant for high-qualitative and intelligent electronic music. Stairway Maze is one more project belonging to this sonic intelligentsia. The album is a perfect mix between different styles; it sometimes feels a bit contradictory, but in the end it all marvelously comes together. The bombast and refinement are leading towards brilliant songs. The work is characterized by an impressive sonic welfare featuring vintage electronic treatments next to subtle filtered sequences. The low, vibrating bass lines can’t leave you unaffected while the evasive passages have something hypnotic.   

– – – : Even if this composition is extremely elaborated I sometimes get the feeling it could be ever more worked out and I especially refer to “Subsurface”. It could be also interesting to hear this album with a few vocal parts. 

Conclusion: Stairway Maze remains a rather unknown project, but if you’re in search of a great electronic experience, “Kelevra” will give you total satisfaction!

Best songs: “Anomaly”, “Hail To Barbarians”, “X”, “Kelevra”, “The Chase”, “Phantoms Of Tiergarten”. 

Rate: (8½). 


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