Need For Speed – Split Visions (CD Album – Progress Productions)

By Jan 15,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop. 

Background/Info: Martin Nilsson and Felix Mårtensson were previously involved with Ra till they decided to set up their own project. Need For Speed was born and the Swedish duo started to release a few singles. “Split Visions” is their debut full length, which has been introduced as one of the ‘best electro-pop’ releases from the year. 

Content: The album features 10 songs, which are mainly characterized by a rather dreamy atmosphere. The slow cadence accentuates the wafting sensation of the songs. Need For Speed doesn’t deal with typical, melodic passages. The beauty of the composition is hidden in the global atmosphere recovering the songs. I don’t want to compare them with any other formation, but the global spirit of the work reminds me to this somewhat forgotten Swedish formation Northern Territories. 

+ + + : Need For Speed is not a new emulation of another cheap electro-pop copy. This band has their own sound and that’s an aspect I especially like for electro-pop music. I’m not saying that they make original music, but I can say that it’s different from the masses. I like the dreamy atmospheres and the warm feeling you get when listening to “Split Visions”. I especially like the last part of the work, which is more poignant and melodic (cf. “Race For Life”) and danceable (cf. “C/o”). 

– – – : One of the best cuts is for sure “C/o”, but I regret the song remains pretty short! Despite the good reactions in their homeland, I think this album is missing a little bit power to reach an ultimate climax. 

Conclusion: Now that Winter has started, “Split Visions” sounds as a warm electro-pop breeze. 

Best songs: “Race For Life”, “C/o”, Loved One”.

Rate: (7).

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