Spark! – Chaos (CD Album – Progress Productions)

By Jan 16,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

Background/Info: Three years after the “Maskiner”-album, Swedish duo Mattias Ziessow –
Christer Hermodsson is back on track unleashing the fourth official full length of their EBM project Spark!

Content: “Chaos” is flavored by the good-old taste of EBM; a hard and merciless composition by the unavoidable Swedish lyrics. I however noticed one song sung in English. The main characteristic of the album is the polished arrangements adding a poppy-touch on top of the songs. The music is much more than simply solid bass lines and punching rhythms, but also reveals a sophisticated writing resulting in multiple outstanding songs. 

+ + + : “Chaos” doesn’t sound chaotic at all, but rapidly appears to be a new milestone in Spark!’s discography. The songs are moving further than simply retro ‘hard-core’-EBM. I discovered a styled and intelligent EBM format, which has the power of traditional EBM, but with this little extra refinement on top. This aspect comes mainly through in the alluring and carrying choruses. I of course have to say a word about the solid and menacing bass lines plus the furious, charismatic vocals. Just pay some attention for the title song, which perfectly reflects the ‘renewed’ Spark! style. 

– – – : If I can imagine one regret about this album, it’s maybe the fact there are only 9 songs featured. But I prefer a short and alluring tracklist instead of an endless number of songs featuring multiple B-side cuts. 

Conclusion: According to me, “Chaos” is the best and for sure most intelligent retro styled EBM work of 2019!

Best songs: “Chaos”, “Jag Vet Vad Du Vill”, “Klara Färdiga Gå”, “Snabbare Och Högre”, “Stålgrå Himmel”. 

Rate: (9).


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