Squarepusher premieres new video for ‘Detroit People Mover’, taken from the ‘Lamental’ EP

By Apr 16,2020

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Following the release of his album “Be Up A Hello” at the end of January, and the follow-up “Lamental” EP last Friday, UK born electronic act Squarepusher now releases the video for “Detroit People Mover”. The video handles the neglected mass transit system in the US city from which the track takes its name.

This portrait serves as a drastic contrast to Squarepusher’s last visual representation for “Terminal Slam”, which with its bustling street scenes was shot just three months before, including at the busiest crossing in the world in Shibuya.

Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher) says: “I like the way both of these videos articulate salient points about our urban environments – in Terminal Slam about the prevalence of advertising and possibilities for its subversion, and here regarding our zombie cities that despite the lack of everyday human contact continue marching on. The track itself is part of a series begun in 1993 inspired by the music of Detroit.”

In the meantime Squarepusher’s postponed worldwide tour has now been rescheduled for October onwards.

The video for “Detroit People Mover” was shot by director Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman and director of photography Zachary Elwart and was produced by Nick George.


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