Soulimage – The Whole Universe (CD Album – Soulimage-Music/Echozone)

By May 23,2016

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Genre/Influences: Electro-rock & pop.

Soulimage + albumBackground/Info: After having released 2 EP’s “Generator” and “Can You Feel Me” the German band of Soulimage is back on track unleashing their debut full length revealing 13 songs of electro-pop & rock music.

Content: The debut songs clearly confirm the electro-pop & rock influences Soulimage introduced on “Generator”. The band clearly has a nose for electronic melodies, which together with the guitar parts result in captivating and carrying choruses. The guitar sounds like symbolizing the evil side of the work while the electronics make it all more catchy and accessible. Some guitar riffs are pretty menacing and sometimes moving on the edge of metal.

The song “Generator” remains one of the best cuts, but the 2nd half of the work reveals more noticeable tracks. The songs are powerful, but always accomplished with carrying electronic arrangements. The song “Fall In Love again” even sounds a bit future-pop driven while mixed with metal-minded guitar riffs.

“The Whole Universe” is a rather open-minded composition, which next to a few metal influences also reveals a few cinematographic parts (cf. the melody line of “Isolation”).

+ + + : I like the perfect balance between real powerful guitar riffs and melodic electronic treatments. This album features multiple potential EP-songs. The vocals are also great and totally matching with the sound while the use of English lyrics makes the band accessible for a wider ‘international’ audience.

– – – : The debut part of the album is somewhat hesitant and less convincing. So you’ve to be a little bit patient to get the main and best part of the work.

Conclusion: Soulimage is a new and talented formation, which clearly doesn’t innovate, but composes a mature and well-crafted electro-pop & rock mix. This is a band to keep an eye on!

Best songs: “Generator”, “Heaven Above”, “Fall In Love Again”, “Isolation”, Can You Feel Me”.

Rate: (8).

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