Soulimage – Human Kind Animal Mind (CD Album – Echozone)

By May 17,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-rock, metal-rock.

Background/Info: Three years after their excellent debut album “The Whole Universe”, Soulimage are back on track unleashing their newest opus. Rob E. Soul (vocals and electronics) and Patty Juhasz (guitars) joined forces together with several ‘guests’ to accomplish this new work.

Content: Their previous full length revealed certain symbiosis between guitar and electronics, creating a kind of rock-pop harmony. “Human Kind – Animal Mind” moves a step further getting us to a harder dark-rock style, sometimes empowered with metal influences. This work is more driven by the guitar play, revealing several guitar solos. I also noticed a few post-punk passages. The songs have been sung in English featuring a few female backing parts.

+ + + : I really enjoyed the intro of the album, which is perfectly symbolizing its title “Time”. But it’s not that representative for the rest of the album, which is definitely appealing for lovers of dark-rock music. The tracks are well-crafted and the guitar solo parts will ravish fans of rock music. The style and influences have somewhat changed. The global sound production is absolutely professional!

– – – : I definitely prefer their previous album because of the more explicit ‘pop’ touch, which I’m missing here. I can’t say that their previous work was an ‘original’ one, but I think it was more accessible for a wider ‘indie’-like audience.

Conclusion: Soulimage has somewhat evolved in style; the sound becomes harder, but is it really better and/or an improvement compared to their previous work? I don’t think so!

Best songs: “Children Of Tomorrow”, “Animal Mind”, “Time (Intro)”.

Rate: (6½).


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