Sonologyst – Dust Of Human Race (Album – Eight Tower Records)

By Aug 27,2021

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, Abstract, Dark-Ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Eight Tower Records’ owner (division of Unexplained Sounds Group) and composer Raffaele Pezzella strikes back with a new opus of his sonic brainchild Sonologyst. The album is driven by the perception of death throughout the eyes and philosophy of different cultures.

Content: Sonologyst remains fascinated by the manipulation of sounds and noises. We’re moving throughout sonic corridors filled with dense, dark atmospheres. It’s a freaky experience accentuated by icy sound treatments of analogue gear. A few guests contributed to the work; so you’ll hear organ play, which is the perfect sound to get connected with death. Screams of horror, church bells, and mysterious chants are accentuating the mystic voyage of Sonologyst.

+ + + : Sonologyst creates a free-style, which is not always easy to catch and define, but it’s a singular experience in sound. The sonic treatments and manipulations sound more like the work of a sound alchemist instead of a musician. But I’m nearly sure Pezzella doesn’t consider himself a ‘musician’…. I like the darkness hanging over this album, but also the sophisticated sonic puzzle created by the artist and which comes mainly through in the title-track opening this work.

– – – : Sonologyst doesn’t compose the most accessible sound, but here again it all feels it’s not the goal of the artist. Two first tracks of the work are the best ones so I’m missing a few more highlights for the rest of the production.

Conclusion: Pure sound exploration based around a fascinating theme for a mystic sound trip.

Best songs: “Dust Of Human Race”, “Teatro Grottesco”.

Rate: 7.




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