Signalstoerung – UU (Digital Album – Hymen Records)

By Dec 2,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, abstract, cinematographic electronics.

Background/Info: The German project Signalstoerung is back on track unleashing its second full length album. One year after the “S”-album “UU” is a concept album ‘based on radioactive chemical elements; because of the extreme instability some of these elements exist only for split seconds – nevertheless they release enormous power during their short lifespan.’

Content: The subject of the concept has been transposed into a microscopic sonic fusion between experimental- and bombastic rhythms, a wide canvas of noises and a kind of evasive piano play. “UU” sounds like music coming from a wider dimension, a sonic universe that still has to be discovered, but which also is the trademark of experimental artists as Signalstoerung.

+ + + : The experiment has something delicate; the operator became a kind of sonic scientist creating noises. The result has a meaningful cinematic appeal featuring multiple dreamy passages. But other parts are also more anguishing and dominated by bombast, deep sound treatments and endless effects. The album is an original and accessible experimental work.  

– – – : Despite of the accessibility of this experimental work, it however remains a production that will only appeal to a very restricted and experienced audience.

Conclusion: Signalstoerung remains a particular experience in sound. I’m definitely not addicted, but yet fascinated!

Best songs: “UUT”, “UUO”.

Rate: (7).


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