Signal Aout 42 – Insurrection (CD Album – Out Of Line)

By Nov 23,2019

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Genre/Influences: EBM, new-beat.

Background/Info: Earlier this year Jacky Meurisse struck back with a new full length from his EBM project Signal Aout 42. It all started back in the early 80s, SA42 rapidly becoming a reference when it comes to EBM. The new album is the first one since the “Inspiration”-full length released in 2013.

Content: “Insurrection” makes me think of the songs Meurisse released during the past few years under his own name. It’s an electronic melting pot on, which he remained faithful to the EBM roots of the band –and which is easily noticeable in the solid bass lines and dark sequences, but also got back to his new-beat experience (let’s keep in mind Jacky Meurisse was involved with successful projects such as Amnesia, Pleasure Game ao). “Insurrection” brings the best of new-beat and EBM together. The ultimate song to understand this fusion is “Out Of Control”, which sounds a bit like an adaptation of the famous Amnesia hit “Ibiza”. Signal Aout 42 makes music to dance with the typical deep growls of Jacky Meurisse on top.

+ + + : If there’s one thing Jacky Meurisse is an absolute master it for sure is the sound quality of his work. The power and high tech quality of the sound makes the difference with numerous EBM bands. He is also an expert when it comes to compose solid bass lines merged with haunting atmospheres. But this album is first of all a real challenge on which the artist brings his favorite music genres together. It sounds a bit vintage-like and features multiple potential dancefloor killers.

– – – : If you never liked new-beat this album will be not your cup of tea!

Conclusion: Jacky Meurisse has nothing to prove, but remains a great inspiration for young musicians. Signal Aout 42 has this particular sound-DNA related to EBM with that little new-beat on top! Nothing surprising, but a great piece of music!

Best songs: “Technocra(z)y”, “Out Of Control”, “Insurrection”, “Under Pressure”.

Rate: (8).


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