Sealed In Blood – Antropophobia (Album – Heerwegen Tod Production)

By Apr 10,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient, Industrial.

Format: CD.

Background/Info: Polish solo-project Sealed In Blood has released an impressive number of productions in more or less fifteen years. Set up in 2003 by ‘Funeral’ (still involved with Goat Thron), “Antropophobia” has been released last year and deals with an imaginary escape from our civilization and all bad things caused by human kind.

Content: The work features 10 songs, which are mainly driven by Dark-Ambient influences. Scratching and squeaky noises have been mixed with dark, humming atmospheres. Some passages are monotonous, like accentuating the tension created by the cold sphere. Industrial noises can be heard in the background. Quite progressively the tracklist evolves towards a final album part characterized by a kind of drama, which mainly comes through at the title track and “Flight Into Oblivion”.

+ + + : This album has been constructed around an intimate atmosphere. There’s a true visual impact when listening to the work in the right circumstances. I recommend using headphones to distinguish the welfare of Industrial noises in the background of the work. The tracks “Antropophobia” and “Flight Into Oblivion” both are the most elaborated- and accomplished pieces of the album. Another attention grabber is “Abandoned, Lost And Sealed In Eternity” where you get the feeling to hear a squeaky door opening a door upon a mysterious and dark-astral world.

– – – : The album is mixing a few true masterpieces together with some more monotone passages without a climax.

Conclusion: Sealed In Blood is a fascinating project, which symbolizes the impressive Polish army of Dark-Ambient projects.

Best songs: “Antropophobia”, “Flight Into Oblivion”, “Abandoned, Lost And Sealed In Eternity”, Today, Tommorrow… Always?”.

Rate: (8).

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