Goat Thron – I Believe In One Great Unbroken And Death-Obsessed Chaos (Album – Heerwegen Tod Production)

By Apr 9,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient, Industrial, Drone.

Format: CD.

Background/Info: Polish act Goat Thron was originally set up as a duo in the late 90s. After one of the members (cf. Dagon) committed suicide the other member left, ‘Funeral’, went on. The band was originally set up as a Black-Metal formation, but finally moved on with raw Industrial and Noise compositions. Inspired by themes such as Sadism, Satanism, War and different kinds of Extreme subjects, Goat Thron clearly appears to be a controversial project.

Content: The latest work of Goat Thron, released in 2020, is mixing elements of Dark-Ambient and Industrial music together. There’s a post-apocalyptic sphere hanging over the work, which is reinforced by some monstrous, spoken vocals. The tracks are progressively built up although sometimes remaining into Soundscape modus.

+ + + : The dark and especially horror-like atmosphere created by this artist has something overwhelming. It’s the kind of record where you’ll feel an instant uncomfortable sensation. It has something disturbing and extreme, which is only accentuated by the post-apocalyptic approach of the music. Goat Thron is clearly touched by evil forces, which resulted in an obscure work. “Trucizna Zagłady” (translated ‘the poison of doom’) and the title song right at the end of the album, both are the main attention grabbers.

– – – : Despite of the constant haunting sphere hanging over the composition, there’s no absolute climax.

Conclusion: Extreme music and controversial themes both symbolize the content of this new work by Goat Thron.

Best songs: “Trucizna Zagłady”, “I Believe In One Great Unbroken And Death-Obsessed Chaos”.

Rate: (7).



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