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By Jul 29,2013

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Genre/Influences: Experimental-pop.

Content: Behind this brand-new project set up in 2009 is hiding Claudio Hauser. This artist seems to be inspired by famous names like Rage Against The Machine, NIN and Joy Division. I expected a kind of heavy, guitar driven debut release of this project, which seems to have gotten very enthusiastic reactions in Germany.

I’m not sharing a similar enthusiasm mainly because it’s really hard to grasp the sound of Script 6. With a helping hand of several guest musicians Script 6 moves in between very different genres. From guitar parts reminding me of Virgin Prunes to very minimalistic and evasive songs, to psychedelic pop to a kind of soundtrack-like final song, this album is ultra diversified. Hauser’s way of singing reminds me of some neo-folk vocalists so you can imagine the mishmash “Orgiastic Paradise” is made of.

It’s not necessary meant as a critic as diversity can be often the main force behind an album. This album features a few interesting cuts like “Rock ‘n’ Roll Lady Shave” (sounds like a wink to Fad Gadget) and the more into minimalism sounding title song, but in the end I’m missing real highlights.

Conclusion: “Orgiastic Paradise” is hard to seize, which makes the album pretty original although not that easy to find a wide audience.

Best songs: “Orgiastic Paradise”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Lady Shave”, “Visions And Fears”.

Rate: (Elise Din:6)ED. / /


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