Schwarzblut – Judas (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)

By Oct 20,2015

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ethereal-electro, epic-electro, gothic.

SchwarzblutContent: After their last year released successful album “Gebeyn Aller Verdammten”, Schwarzblut strikes back with an EP featuring multiple remixes of 4 songs that were originally released at this 3rd full length.

The remix formula remains an easy way to bring an album back in the picture, but it often also is an opportunity to (re)discover familiar songs a different way.

The main song “Judas” takes off with the familiar “Album Version” while the EP features 4 remixes. The song totally stands for the sound of Schwarzblut, which is mixing dark electronics and ethereal influences. The symphonic arrangements makes the songs pretty powerful while there’s a cool twist between the enraged -and typically dark-electro-minded, male vocals on one side and the sweet –and ethereal inspired, female vocals on the other side.

Among the remixes you’ll notice a hard and dark-electro empowered version by Binary Division. Another interesting remix is the so-called “Zeon Remix”, which features the rough and unpolished approach of the original song, but in a somewhat more club-friendly way.

Next to “Judas” you’ll get 2 noticeable remixes of “Zur Hölle”. Hell:Sector empowered the song by furious guitar play injecting a metal touch to this EP. The other remix is a fantastic and old-school inspired remix by the band themselves, which is called “ZC64 Remix” and which refers to the famous Commodore PC.

You’ll also discover 2 remixes of “Von Des Todes Gewissheit Und Der Tugend”. The remix by Vincent Uhlig reveals a nice twist between industrial- and gothic elements while there also is a kind of dramatic part running through the song. Schwarzblut’s compatriots of Cardinal Noire got the opportunity to make the other remix.

Last, but not least Pre.Emptive Strike 0.1 accomplished a fully enjoyable and electro-minded remix of “Hymnus An Den Zorn”. I think it’s an interesting choice as this Greek formation likes to explore epic and symphonic paths as well.

Conclusion: “Judas” reveals a few efficient remixes, but especially the one by Binary Division is absolutely outstanding.

Best songs: “Judas – Binary Division Remix”, “Von Des Todes Gewissheit Und Der Tugend – Vincent Uhlig Remix”, “Judas – ZC64 Remix”, “Hymnus An Den Zorn – Pre:Emptive Strike 0.1 Remix”.

Rate: (DP:8)DP.

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