Schröttersburg – Dalet (Album – Zoharum / DIY Kolo / Bat-Cave Productions / N.I.C.)

By Jun 4,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cold-Wave, Post-Punk.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl, Cassette.

Background/Info: “Dalet” is the fifth album by Polish formation Schröttersburg. The main particularity about this work is that it has been released as collaboration between four Polish labels.

Content: The opus features 7 songs, which rapidly feel like moving back into time to awaken in the midst of the 80s. The songs are driven by dynamic drums, easy recognizable Cold-Wave guitar playing and all vocals sung in Polish. The songs are now and then accomplished with menacing synth lines.

+ + + : I have to admit I wasn’t that familiar with this formation, but I discovered a great and accomplished work. The constant energy of the drums together with guitar play reminding me of The Skeletal Family brings good-old memories back to life. The Polish vocals are somewhat unusual and even strange for non-Polish natives, but the passionate way of singing is absolutely persuasive. This album stands for power and coldness, but still an outstanding emulation of 80s Cold-Wave music. I’ve been deeply impressed by this album, which I can only recommend.

– – – : It’s a pity the work only features 7 songs, but you better get 7 great songs instead of an endless number of poorly inspired tracks.

Conclusion: Schröttersburg is a band you really have to discover. “Dalet” brings the darkest spirit of the 80s Dark-Wave and Post-Punk style alive.

Best songs: “Portrety”, “M67”, “Keter”, “W Pokoju Świateł”

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