Salome’s Dance – Salome’s Dance (CD Album – Infrastition)

By Aug 11,2015

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Genre/Influences: New-wave, post-punk.

Salome’s DanceContent: Salome’s Dance is a Russian band from the great city of St. Petersburg. I’d swear that I had just discovered a new hidden treasure from the 80s, but I was surprised this band has been set up a only few years ago.

The sound of Salome’s Dance has been defined as ‘death-rock’ and ‘positive punk’, but it will mainly appeal to new-wave lovers. This band perfectly emulates the truly spirit of the 80s new-wave music. I don’t want to compare them to any famous band from that golden decade, but the typical guitar playing and global arrangements sound like a move back into the past. It not only is about the music and inspiration, but the global production process smells like the good-old vinyl releases.

Most of the songs are powerful, but you also will discover the moody-like “Spectacle”, which is a cool cut in the ‘softer’ genre. The last songs reveal a kind of post-punk touch, which especially comes through on “Key”. This is a great old-school composition, which totally stands for the sound and influences of “Salome’s Dance”. I can’t say there are hits on this album, but “Percyvelle” and “Cyhret” both have a solid potential, which will for sure convince many listeners.

Conclusion: If you still are in the retro-vein of 80s new-wave music Salome’s Dance will probably catch your attention. This is a fully accomplished debut album and I can only encourage this band to move in a similar way.

Best songs: “Percyvelle”, “Cyhret”, “Speciale”.

Rate: (Elise Din:7)Elise Din.


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