Ruined Conflict – Sequencer (Digital EP – Infacted Recordings)

By Feb 23,2019

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Genre/Influences: Future-pop, body-pop.

Background/Info: There’s no better way to introduce a new album than releasing an EP as an appetizer. Ruined Conflict (aka Xavier Morales) has a new full length in the pipeline –which will be the fourth official one, and here brings a few new songs. 

Content: “Sequencer” can be easily considered as the hardest ‘hit’ from Ruined Conflict. It remains carried by future-pop elements, but the lead sounds a bit raw and metallic, which totally matches with some robotic vocal parts –while you also will hear a ‘normal’ way of singing. There also is a “Club remix” available, which is kicking hard.

We next get two instrumental pieces from 2 different songs. And here again Ruined Conflict will take you by surprise. Both cuts are driven by EBM vibes revealing devastating bass lines and great danceable sequences.

+ + + : What happened to Ruined Conflict? Xavier Morales literally boosted his sound by powerful EBM elements and raw sound treatments while holding on the melodic approach of his composition. He in a way reinvented Ruined Conflict and “Sequencer” is definitely his best and most accomplished song to date. But I also have to mention both other tracks, which are even more powerful!

– – – : I don’t have any minus point about this release although I can imagine some fans will not be entirely satisfied discovering this ‘harder’ work.

Conclusion: “Sequencer” appears to be a kind of sonic metamorphosis for Ruined Conflict or at least a serious evolution in sound.

Best songs: “Sequencer – Club Remix”, “Sequecncer”, “War Sequencer – Studio Version”, “Wave Structure”.

Rate: (9).

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