Rotersand to reissue early albums ‘Truth Is Fanatic’ and ‘Welcome to Goodbye’

By Aug 25,2021

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Rotersand to reissue early albums'Truth Is Fanatic' and'Welcome to Goodbye'

German future pop act Rotersand will reissue their 2003 debut full-length “Truth Is Fanatic” and the sophomore album “Welcome to Goodbye” (2005) as 2CD artbook editions and for the first time on gatefold 180g double vinyl. Both re-releases will hit stores on October 29, 2021.

The bonus tracks for “Truth Is Fanatic”:

  1. Lifelight (demo version)
  2. Merging Oceans (demo version)
  3. Logic Supreme (demo version)
  4. One Thousand Beats
  5. The Spirit of Dark Raver (original)
  6. The Spirit of Dark Raver (Long Ride)

The bonus tracks for “Welcome to Goodbye”:

  1. Preparations
  2. Intro/Truth Is Fanatic/Almost Violent (live)
  3. The Last Ship Pt.1 (live)
  4. Merging Oceans (live)
  5. Exterminate Annihilate Destroy (live)
  6. Undone (live)
  7. Aftermath (live)
  8. Exterminate Annihilate Destroy (reclubbed)
  9. Last Ship (rearranged)
  10. Caustic Greed
  11. Exterminate Annihilate Destroy (re-noised with Config.Sys)

About Rotersand

Rotersand were formed in 2002 by former The Fair Sex bassist Rascal aka Rasc, who has meanwhile dropped his former pseudonym Rascal Nikov. The frontman joined forces with multi-instrumentalist and lyricist Gunther ‘Gun’ Gerl. The duo’s first 4-track demo, simply called “Summer 02”, soon circulated widely within underground electro circles and even found its way into the clubs.

Soon after the demo release, Krischan J. E. Wesenberg joined the band. A label was quickly procured and only one year later, their debut full-length “Truth Is Fanatic” (2003) hit the stores and clubs.

The rest is history.


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