Rosi – Grey City Life (CD Album – Cold Transmission Music)

By Jun 7,2019

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Genre/Influences: Cold-wave, gothic.

Background/Info: Sven Rosenkötter and Mirco Rappsilber set up Rosi in 2014. A first album “Grey City Life” was self-released on vinyl back in 2016 and followed by another self-released full length “Hope” in 2018. In the meantime they signed a deal with Cold Transmission Music, which now has re-released the debut album as CD format featuring extra songs and remixes.

Content: This German formation perfectly matches with the sound of the Cold Transmission roster. Some of the tracks remind me a bit of Bauhaus. The tracks are driven by slow rhythms and supported by a spooky production with dominant atmospheres. The songs have been written by guitar and accomplished by electronic treatments. The songs have been sung in English, but you’ll also find a track sing in German.

Next to the 11 original songs from the album the CD brings you 6 bonus cuts featuring 4 remixes and 2 previously unreleased tracks.

+ + + : The power is hiding in the overwhelming dark, atmospheric part of the work. “Grey City Life” is more an album to listen to instead of a danceable production. It’s dark, depressed and even disturbing. These feelings are perfectly accentuated in one of the choruses ‘everybody has to die’ (taken from “Jeder”). Among the remixes I heard a great job done by Kiss Of The Whip and Run. The remix by Run has something old-school like and reminds me a bit of Fad Gadget. I also have to mention the previously unreleased song “Körper” feat. Joana, which is different from the rest of the album, but a real beautiful cut.

– – – : Rosi clearly has a personal approach, which is not always the most accessible one. It’s original, but not the stereotypical production in the genre… although I think that’s a rather positive aspect.

Conclusion: “Grey City Life” is an album you need to hear a few times before really getting into it, but there’s a personal sound identity making this band different from the rest.

Best songs: “Jeder”, “Schlaf feat. Joana & Tkalec”, “Körper feat. Joanna”, “Film”, “Verloren – Kiss Of The Whip Remix”.

Rate: (7½).




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